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Tom Monaghan Rotary Speech. [Side 2]

Recording of speech given before the Ann Arbor, Michigan, Kiwanis in which Monaghan discusses the history of his business and his personal experiences in the founding of Dominos Pizza to 1979.

From  Melissa Hernandez Duran

Idea of Michigan

A history of the University of Michigan and a record of its current activities in teaching, research and service. The historical segment uses new animated techniques and the section on current…

From  djpillen

"Especially for Women" Eleanor Roosevelt, Marie Miller, Waldo Abbot; Dorothy Thompson ([R77A]) [Part 1]

Show broadcast October 1949-July 1951; Eleanor Roosevelt discusses China, panelists are: Marie Miller and Waldo Abbot, Dorothy Thompson, Baldwin, et al. in conjunction with University of Michigan…

From  djpillen