The Bentley Historical Library collects the materials for and promotes the study of the histories of two great, intertwined institutions, the State of Michigan and the University of Michigan. Since its foundation in 1935 the library has actively worked in preserving its unique and valuable collections to make them available for researchers into the future. Among the Library’s 8,000 research collections there are thousands of audiovisual recordings in multiple formats ranging from magnetic tape, discs, wire recordings, and cassette tapes to film and video.

The recordings found here are a rich resource for the study Michigan’s and the university’s history and include interviews, oral histories, musical performances, athletic events and radio and television broadcasts among other genres. The Bentley is working towards digitally preserving these valuable recordings and to make the contents digitally available for researchers. The Library has adhered to best practices in the digitization of these sound-recordings. The Bentley however acknowledges that the quality of the original recording, as well as format degradation can result in digital files of varying quality.

Some digital media found in this site is available for playback only within our facilities to comply with fair use under Section 108 of Copyright Law.

Recordings available here are a historical record which reflects different views, attitudes, and beliefs. The Bentley Historical Library does not endorse viewpoints found in these or within its holdings.

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