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Ross Lee Finney Students 4, 1967-1973, 1974-1982 [Side 2]

Audio recordings of Finney's reminiscences of his students. About 75 students are represented, with the most extensive comments relating to his earliest students. Students: Joel Berman, Asher…

From  Melissa Hernandez Duran

Idea of Michigan

A history of the University of Michigan and a record of its current activities in teaching, research and service. The historical segment uses new animated techniques and the section on current…

From  djpillen

Dedication ceremonies at Post, Texas [Part 1]

On the subject of "C.W. Post, Man of Vision, Creative Imagination, and Courage." Begins with a speech by a Dr. Wiggins, remainder of the tape is a speech by unnamed female speaker.

From  djpillen