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"Another Ann Arbor": Scholarly Research findings on the Black elderly. Guest: Rose Gibson PhD. Asst. Prof. Univ. of Mich.

Interview of Dr, Rose Gibson, Assistant Professor and Research Scientist from the University of Michigan Institute of Gerontology, on the topic of Black elderly and their coping strategies, including…

From  Melissa Hernandez Duran

Julian W .Witherspoon, track, 1944-1945,Detroit, MI [Side 2]

Interviewed by John Behee in Detroit. Witherspoon discusses his motivations to go to the University of Michigan, his family's encouragement, and his experiences at the University including…

From  djpillen

Godfrey Murray, track, 1970-1971, Kingston, Jamaica [Side 1; no Side 2]

Interviewed by John Behee in Ann Arbor. A sophomore at U-M, Murray discusses academic and athletic background, relations with coach Ken Burnley, his academic program at U-M, participation in BAM…

From  djpillen

Ken Maxey, Basketball, 1966-1969, Chicago, IL [Side 1; no Side 2]

Interviewed in Ann Arbor by John Behee. Ken Maxey was 1969 basketball team captain. He discusses adjustment from all-black high school to mostly white university, relations with coaches and…

From  djpillen

Tom Johnson, football, 1949-1951; track, 1949, 1950, 1952, Muskegon Heights MI [Side 1; no Side 2]

Interviewed at Ann Arbor by John Behee. Tom Johnson discusses his experiences attending the University of Michigan and his motivations and experiences at the University of Michigan, relationship with…

From  djpillen

Ronald A. Johnson, football, 1966-1968, Detroit, MI [Side 1]

Interviewed in Ann Arbor by John Behee. Ron Johnson discusses his early life and family life in Detroit, his motivations in coming to U-M, athletic experience, being elected first black football…

From  djpillen

Rodney Ford basketball, 1968-1971, Hammond, IN [Side 1; no Side 2]

Interviewed by John Behee in Detroit. Ford discusses his family and experiences which motivated him to attend college, decision to attend U-M and study engineering, black fraternities/sororities and…

From  djpillen

Bentley Historical Library Dedication "Local History is Alive and Well" ([R187B]) [Part 1]

Recording of the Bentley Historical Library Dedication. Event included several speakers; [includes paper insert]

From  djpillen

"Exploration of the Moods of Dissent: A Dialogue with the President" / Robben W. Fleming, et al. ([R253B]) [Part 1]

Tape 1 of 2; Panel members: Roy Ashmole; Sam Sherman; Mark Levin; Prof. Knausse; Dr. J. Minzey. [Segment 1] This is only one side or part of a tape. If there are additional…

From  djpillen

"Citizen Action" / Ralph Nader ([R240B]) [Part 1]

Recorded March 14, 1970, Broadcast Lecture Hour, May 16, 1970; Ralph Nader, consumer protection expert, speaks at the Hill Auditorium as part of the Teach-In on the Environment at the University of…

From  djpillen

"Campus Unrest" [panel discussion] ([R215B]) [Part 1]

Ecumenical Campus Center/First Presbyterian Church. Church and Society Committee.

From  djpillen

College of LSA: Afro-American: A Survey History; Toll and Waters ([R123A]) [Part 2]

Tape 8; Recording of the pilot course of the Afro-American Studies Program, #15 and #16. Backlash to Reconstruction and the beginnings of the Great Migration. Part of WUOM's recordings on…

From  djpillen