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Ross Lee Finney Students 4, 1967-1973, 1974-1982 [Side 2]

Audio recordings of Finney's reminiscences of his students. About 75 students are represented, with the most extensive comments relating to his earliest students. Students: Joel Berman, Asher…

From  Melissa Hernandez Duran

Interview of Hunter Marston [Part 1]

Judge Knott and Hunter Marston; on the subject of Palm Beach, Florida.

From  djpillen

Godfrey Murray, track, 1970-1971, Kingston, Jamaica [Side 1; no Side 2]

Interviewed by John Behee in Ann Arbor. A sophomore at U-M, Murray discusses academic and athletic background, relations with coach Ken Burnley, his academic program at U-M, participation in BAM…

From  djpillen

Tom Goss, football, 1966-1968, Knoxville, TN [Side 1]

Behee interviews Tom Goss, football player who later became U-M Athletic Director; discusses Big 10 rule changes on course content and athletes' progress toward a degree and African-Americans in…

From  djpillen

College of LSA: Afro-American: A Survey History; Wright and Cruse ([R127A]) [Part 1]

Tape 12; Recording of the pilot course of the Afro-American Studies Program, #23 and #24. Stokeley Carmichael, integration, assimilation in America. Part of WUOM's recordings on University…

From  djpillen