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Historica Critica Sound Recordings and Videotapes - Interview with Phyllis M. Ocker

A Historica Critica interview featuring Phyllis M. Ocker, Associate Director of Women's Athletics, at the University of Michigan Alumni Center.

From  Melissa Hernandez Duran

Jesse Rawls, wrestling, 1969-1970, Guyton GA/Harrisburg, PA [Side 1; no Side 2]

Interviewed in Ann Arbor by John Behee. Rawls discusses growing up in Guyton Georgia and moving to Harrisburg, PA at age seventeen. his high school athletic experiences and the motivation and…

From  djpillen

Ken Maxey, Basketball, 1966-1969, Chicago, IL [Side 1; no Side 2]

Interviewed in Ann Arbor by John Behee. Ken Maxey was 1969 basketball team captain. He discusses adjustment from all-black high school to mostly white university, relations with coaches and…

From  djpillen

Ronald A. Johnson, football, 1966-1968, Detroit, MI [Side 1]

Interviewed in Ann Arbor by John Behee. Ron Johnson discusses his early life and family life in Detroit, his motivations in coming to U-M, athletic experience, being elected first black football…

From  djpillen

Rodney Ford basketball, 1968-1971, Hammond, IN [Side 1; no Side 2]

Interviewed by John Behee in Detroit. Ford discusses his family and experiences which motivated him to attend college, decision to attend U-M and study engineering, black fraternities/sororities and…

From  djpillen