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"A Woman's Town" (Memories of Ann Arbor to 1950)

African-American women relate oral histories of life in Ann Arbor from 1850 to 1950.

From  Melissa Hernandez Duran

Julian W .Witherspoon, track, 1944-1945,Detroit, MI [Side 2]

Interviewed by John Behee in Detroit. Witherspoon discusses his motivations to go to the University of Michigan, his family's encouragement, and his experiences at the University including…

From  djpillen

Jesse Rawls, wrestling, 1969-1970, Guyton GA/Harrisburg, PA [Side 1; no Side 2]

Interviewed in Ann Arbor by John Behee. Rawls discusses growing up in Guyton Georgia and moving to Harrisburg, PA at age seventeen. his high school athletic experiences and the motivation and…

From  djpillen

Godfrey Murray, track, 1970-1971, Kingston, Jamaica [Side 1; no Side 2]

Interviewed by John Behee in Ann Arbor. A sophomore at U-M, Murray discusses academic and athletic background, relations with coach Ken Burnley, his academic program at U-M, participation in BAM…

From  djpillen

Ronald A. Johnson, football, 1966-1968, Detroit, MI [Side 1]

Interviewed in Ann Arbor by John Behee. Ron Johnson discusses his early life and family life in Detroit, his motivations in coming to U-M, athletic experience, being elected first black football…

From  djpillen

College of LSA: Afro-American: A Survey History; Freehling and Toll ([R120A]) [Part 1]

Tape 5; Recording of the pilot course of the Afro-American Studies Program, #9 and #10. The effects of slave resistance and plantation slavery. Part of WUOM's recordings on University…

From  djpillen

"Eleventh Hour" Interview with Joyce Carol Oates ([R76A]) [Part 1]

1968 interview with Joyce Carol Oates discussing her writing and experiences.

From  djpillen