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[Unidentified Disc] [Side 2]

Interview with Sharon Kristin Harmon. Elyse Knox and Tom Harmon talk to their 18-month old daughter. This is only one side or part of a tape. If there are additional audio…

From  Dallas Pillen A year ago

[Unidentified Disc] [Side 1]

Recorded from Tom Harmon's home. Tom narrates news regarding Robert Manley's relation to the Black Dahlia Murders; speaks to his daughter, Sharon Kristin, and wife, Elyse Knox; then recites…

From  Dallas Pillen A year ago

Recording of Margaret Janus and Satenig Kevorkian [Part 1]

Beginning and end of tape contain recording of television broadcast playing in background. Recordings in Armenian from several family members on the ocassion of New Years.

From  Dallas Pillen 4 Years ago