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[Unidentified Disc] [Side 2]

Interview with Sharon Kristin Harmon. Elyse Knox and Tom Harmon talk to their 18-month old daughter. This is only one side or part of a tape. If there are additional audio…

From  djpillen on March 15th, 2018

[Unidentified Disc] [Side 1]

Recorded from Tom Harmon's home. Tom narrates news regarding Robert Manley's relation to the Black Dahlia Murders; speaks to his daughter, Sharon Kristin, and wife, Elyse Knox; then recites…

From  djpillen on March 15th, 2018

Recording of Margaret Janus and Satenig Kevorkian [Part 1]

Beginning and end of tape contain recording of television broadcast playing in background. Recordings in Armenian from several family members on the ocassion of New Years.

From  djpillen on August 12th, 2015